News from Beirut

Ricevo queste righe da un’amica, trovo sia giusto condividerle con voi altri:

“it is sad that we are communicating the bad news, but thank God, both families are
in good health and doing well. we are yes scared and being very cautious but at the
same life goes on,

and yes i m going to work but not staying long and not going on site visits… but
we spend all our time on TV and we hear a lot of bombs and the aircraft. we have
lived war before but this time it s different and it is more working on our emotions,
endurance, and nerves… we have a lot of sleepless nights. but we can only say
thank god we are better off a lot of other people. we hope the situation will not
escalate further. we thought of leaving but where to and how mainly remains the
problem, as all means of leaving are being targetted. honestly , i m glad i m here
when this war started and not in italy as i m sure i ll be very worried.

that is for now

thank you for your concern and continous support

regards from Beirut under fire”